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Stadium Concrete Seats

An interfaith experience

Sound installation in public spaces.Convert them into spaces for collective prayer. 

Adapting existing materials: Prayers from Jerusalem, representing Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Students can research and find shared religious texts and melodies, as well as praising songs inspired by the same sources.

-Exploring how various religions observe yearly cycles, including lunar, solar, and lunar-solar, and thinking how we could synchronize them.


-Brainstorming a new universal calendar that combines elements from all religions, like aligning Tishri holidays with Ramadan, Pentecost with Shavuot.



An exhibition of contemporary art that portrays Africa as a place connecting a shared history for Jews and African Americans.

The exhibition will unite artists from diverse backgrounds, offering varied perspectives on Africa and its connection to identity, politics, history, and culture. These perspectives will be expressed through various media, ranging from cinema to sculpture.

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Ana Loulia NOLA

ANA LOULIA "I am a Woman" presents a musical tribute to the hits of the 1950s from Algeria, making its debut in New Orleans for the first time. The music, originally performed by Jewish female artists of North Africa such as Line Monty, Renet L'ornnais, Alice Fitoussi, and Simon Tamar, will be performed by Neta Elkayam and guests, with musical direction by Amit Hai Cohen. This tribute is dedicated to the legendary pianist Maurice El Medioni, who recently passed away. Maurice was intimately familiar with those artists, accompanying them and introducing their melodies through his piano all over the world. He arranged and composed many of them himself, graciously sharing them with us as well. With hopes that these melodies will blend into the New Orleans heritage, enter the charts, and be preserved for generations to come.
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